Domorela's Blog: Domorela's REST API: KNX Service

Domorela's KNX service API allows sending commands to Domorela's KNX module, thus allowing to customers to extend their own applications and systems by communicating them with their KNX installation.

This API service allows:

  1. read and write single values from/to Group Addresses present at the installation
  2. send values to multiple Group Addresses as a sort of scene defined outside of Domorela
  3. set (a valid) time interval for periodical data collection performed by KNX Histories
  4. switch between KNX Link or KNXNet/IP Link
  5. change KNX Individual Address of Domorela's KNX Interface
  6. change IP Address of remote KNXNet/IP server to connect to

The best way to explain how to use this API service in a real environment is with an example. Lets assume we have a reserve system in our hotel and we want to prepare rooms while the customer's check in at summer time. If we have defined a setpoint temperature to achieve a comfortable room when the customers enter on it for the first time, we can set it while check in them, because the HVAC can cool down the room in a few minutes. So we can provide comfort to our clients while saving energy avoiding to use the HVAC in void rooms.

The above example is a pretty common example for hotels nowadays, think now to apply it in little hotels at an affordable price with Domorela. Lets also think about to apply the same concept to a private, shared or co-working office.

Imagine an office where the IT servers communicate with Domorela in order to switch off lights and/or HVAC when no user's computers are connected to the network from any room. This way, meeting rooms could save energy when people of the staff left them forgiving to switch off lights and/or HVAC. This allows to avoid the use of motion sensors that will fail when people are still and seated.

Obviously, these kind of actions require integration work that can be performed by the staff of integrators while installing Domorela or by the final customers staff. But the benefits obtained, in the form of savings and/or a better service, are worth. In the case you don't know how to perform this kind of integrations, we can advise you through our IT Consulting Services.


In our next article we will introduce the Admin Service of Domorela's API.


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