Domorela's Blog: Operation Level Features

In our previous article about Domorela's WUI we told about the three different access levels to manage a Domorela unit. In subsequent articles we introduced the Basic Level Features and now we will start a series of articles about the Operation Level Features. In the first of these articles we will explain Operation Level concept in Domorela.

Operators are advanced users that are allowed to use administration and diagnostic tools provided by Domorela and that can also perform limited changes in the configuration of Domorela.

To Said the above we can say the Operation Level is conceived to provide basic maintenance tools to internal staff and the external provider that is providing maintenance for the automation devices in the installation. These tools allow:

  1. perform basic configurations of the WUI: scenes, panels and graphs
  2. explore the logical and physical topology of the automation installation
  3. diagnose the automation installation


In order to access the Operation Level Functions, the top menu of the WUI includes a new button to access Administrator Menu in the left side of the WUI.


This menu shows the next options:



To allow configuration of panels and graphs, there are new options in their respective views allowing to setup panels and graphs from scratch and also to change them when they are previously configured by an administrator or other operator.

In the Panels View there is present a contextual menu and in the Graphs View there is present a new control to select new values and new options in the contextual menu attached to the graph. We'll show them in the next articles.


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