Domorela's Blog: Virtual Lab with Domorela DMRL1: Testing with WUI: HVAC operation

In this article we will show testing operations of the HVAC elements within the WUI. As we told in the article about HVAC configuration in the Lab, we use Domorela Scenes to simulate the different situations depending of the temperature probe values: cooling the CPD, heating and cooling the office, heating and cooling the reception.

We have defined three Scenes to simulate CPD cooling: scenes 15 to 17. You can see below the components of scenes:



That we will use in the CPD Panel to test them.


We have defined four Scenes to simulate office heating and cooling: scenes 18 to 21. You can see below a sample of these scenes:



Used in the corresponding defined Panel:


Finally, we have defined four more Scenes to simulate reception heating and cooling: scenes 22 to 25. You can see below scene 22:



Used in the Panel defined for reception:



In the next article we will explain how to test the Lab using the REST API.



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