Domorela's Blog: Domorela's REST API: Admin Service

Domorela's Admin service API allows sending commands to Domorela's Admin module. Using this service administrators can manage Domorela from their own systems in an automatic way. This way is possible to use orchestration to deploy and manage Domorela units, so Domorela can be managed as an Edge Gateway, for instance, by Utilities to offer value added services to its customers. But even little integrators can benefit from this API, so they can automate deployment by using template configurations uploaded using the API. This can be very helpful in the case of installing several units in different facilities of a single customer, or many units being installed in many different customers.

This API service allows:

  1. send configuration commands to a Domorela unit
  2. backup configurations: single module tree or whole tree
  3. add new users and change their passwords
  4. stop and restart Domorela


First of all, we want remark this API is so important that we recommend to use it wisely. A mistake with this API service could result in a disaster requiring to recover the unit from a backup and, probably, with an onsite intervention. So, if you aren't familiar with the use of REST APIs, or you have any doubt about it, is better not to use it without asking our Channel for support, in the form of advice, learning and tools, that can help you to properly deal with it.

Said the above, if you are familiar with the use of REST APIs then you will be able to do any of the next activities:

  1. give remote support to your customers in the management of Domorela units
  2. easily manage the whole installed base of Domorela units in all your customers
  3. establish a methodology in order to deploy remote Domorela units from your management centre with remote hands support


We want to finish this article by telling everyone who thinks Domorela is just one more web visualizer for domotics on the market that they are very, very wrong. Domorela was conceived, designed and developed by an engineer with many years of experience in ICT services who put all that experience in order that Domorela contributes with high added value to integrators' services at an affordable price in many use cases.


Next week we'll continue our publishing about Domorela's API telling about Histories service.


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