Domorela's Blog: WUI Theming and customization

Domorela's Web User Interface can be customized and is provided with the capability of setting per user themes in runtime. While users are allowed to change their theme in spite their level, so isn't necessary any privilege and basic users can do it freely whithin his own session, advanced customization is reserved to integration providers because advanced access is needed to Domorela device.

The current version of Domorela's Application allows to switch between 4 desktop themes that have its corresponding mobile version theme. Future versions will include enhancements to the current themes and possibly new themes will be added. As said before, every user is allowed to select his preferred theme that will be automatically saved in his profile and applied in their current and future sessions.

As our concern are first capabilities then aesthetics, by now we've only published captures of not so nice Beta themes, now you can see below the most recent themes for Domorela's Application that will be included with the release loaded in the first commercial series of Domorela devices¹:




Another customization is also possible in Domorela: to use customized icons instead of the ones provided within the Application. This kind of customization can also be done in runtime, better said with Domorela's Application running, but is recommended to do so stopping it. Is not so much difficult to charge new icons into device, but must be done at firmware level instead of application level, thus certain technical knowledge and administration privileges are needed and, of course, a set of icons with proper sizes and colors are needed too.


(1) given the present intervened crisis due to COVID-19 our electronics manufacturer delayed the delivery of first series, due to the lack of electronic components being imported from China, and later had stopped their activity after COVID-19 arrived in Spain. As soon as we can, we will announce the expected on sales date and the final pricing.