Domorela's Blog: Virtual Lab with Domorela DMRL1: Functionalities

As we told in our previous article, we made a Virtual Lab to show how a Domorela DMRL1 can simulate a complete installation. In order to simplify things and be able to use the Educational/NFR version of Domorela DMRL1, we made this Lab with the help of a single multifunction device from another Spanish manufacturer: Zennio. We chossed an ALLinBox 88 device, as it offers many features allowing to implement many different functionalities in any installation and fits into the limits of Educational/NFR version of Domorela DMRL1.

Despite using a single device and Educational version of Domorela DMRL1, the Virtual Lab allows to manage office facilities including up to 6 rooms implementing different functionalities related to lighting, HVAC, motion detection and alarms. We sumarize them below, ordered by type and location:

  1. Lighting at Data-centre (CPD): 2 lights activated by motion detection or by manual switching, they include temporization and can blink when time finishes and also in the case of intrusion in the Data-centre. There is also the possibility to switch off all lighting from master control (CMI) and switch on complimentary lighting
  2. Lighting at offices: 2 lights for room office rooms and 1 light for meeting room, the last one can be switched on by motion sensor and by manual switching. As in the Data-centre (CPD) there is another master control (CMI) to switch off office's lighting and lights are temporizable
  3. Lighting at Reception: 1 light for reception room, able to blink in the case of security alarm, and 1 light for meeting room, the last one linked with motion sensor. Also same CMI used in offices is able to switch off all lights in reception, switch on complimentary lighting (reception room). Finally, temporization of lights is also possible
  4. Lighting: counters allowing to store uptime historical values (hours) for all lights in the installation
  5. HVAC at CPD: 2 cooling systems controlled by thermostat with temperature and malfunction (i.e. technical) alarms
  6. HVAC at offices: 1 cooling/heating system controlled by thermostat for three rooms with technical alarms
  7. HVAC at reception: 1 cooling system controlled by thermostat for both rooms also with technical alarms
  8. Alarms: technical alarms for HVAC, thermostat and sensors
  9. Security at CPD: security alarms for occupancy using motion detection and for intrusion using one alarm sensor input
  10. Security at reception: security alarm for intrusion using alarm sensor input
  11. Motion detection at CPD with presence: 3 channels in use, C1 is enabled and switches on one light and enables C2, which switches on the other light and enables presence, both when they detect movement. C3 is to manually enable C2 then presence.
  12. Motion detection at offices: same behaviour as in CPD in the meeting room
  13. Motion detection at reception: same behaviour as previous ones in the meeting room
  14. Sensors at CPD: temperature sensor as input for thermostat to control HVAC cooling system
  15. Sensors at offices: temperature sensor as input for thermostat to control HVAC cooling/heating system
  16. Sensors at reception: temperature as in the office and one alarm sensor for security


Below you can see ETS project statistics, note that ALLinBOX 88 has 181 Comm. Objects in use and we only link 133 of them with Group Addresses to achieve all the above. So Domorela will generate as much as 133 Datapoints that will fit in the limit of 150. Statistics also are showing the backbone area and the backbone lines for the two areas, so statistics show one more area and two more lines than the ones in use.




Next article will talk about lighting configuration in the Lab.