Domorela's Blog: Value-added Services based on Domorela

Domorela was conceived to add value to the entire distribution channel. As an Integrator, or distributor, you can define a set of services to sell to your customers thanks to Domorela. As an end customer you can benefit of the possibility to define your own services or buy services defined by others based on your Domorela units. But what kind of services we are talking about? We'll try to answer to this question briefly in this article.

Distributors can define and sell services to integrators, that can re-sell services and/or define and sell their own services based on distributor's services or as new services defined from scratch. End customers can also choice between the services offering of integrators or define their own services with or without external help.

To begin with, we must highlight which Domorela's features and integrated tools allow to offer value added services and what these could be according to them. Below is a brief listing of possibilities:

  1. Incorporate Domorela into a NOC1 using Domorela's WUI operation and administration features:
    1. operation level dashboard can be used as a Console View to supervise remote automation installations in which Domorela is present
    2. operation level features can be used to give support to end users, by testing elements, by creating new scenes and graphs on demand and also performing a diagnose of any remote automation installation that includes Domorela units
    3. administration tools can be used to manage remote Domorela units and also the remote automation installations in which they are present
  2. Implement automatic tasks in a NOC using Domorela's REST API:
    1. manage technical and security alarms using Alarm Service
    2. perform scheduled remote maintenance tasks like a general switch off using KNX Service
    3. obtain historical data to provide graphs and data analysis to external customers, or internal end users, using Histories Service
    4. remotely deploy Domorela units by defining automated tasks using the Admin Service
  3. Integrate Domorela with other systems or tools to improve services using Domorela's REST API:
    1. while the check in process at reception in hotels to send commands or scenes to prepare a room at customers arrival time using KNX Service
    2. with meeting room schedule service at office facilities to save energy when they are not in use and prepare room for the next meeting using KNX Service
    3. to check the state of physical security systems like access control devices using KNX Service
    4. to integrate security management systems with Domorela using both the Alarm Service and the Histories Service
    5. to obtain energy saving in common areas of any building or campus, including residential building using KNX Service


Reading the above list many distributors and integrators can begin to think which is the best way to include Domorela in their existing services, while others can think what kind of services they want to start offering to their existing, or new, customers. In every case, we can help all those who become part of our partner channel to integrate Domorela in their current portfolio of services and/or define new value-added services based on Domorela.


(1) Network Operation Centre.


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