Domorela's Blog: Modbus integration in Domorela (I)

In our previous article we announced the new Modbus module will be included in the 1.1.0 release version of Domorela software and how to activate it. In this article we'll talk about the seamlessly integration between KNX and Modbus elements in the Domorela platform.

As we said in the previous article, Administrator Level Menu will show new options to:

  1. import XML Modbus configurations
  2. configure Modbus Datapoints
  3. configure Modbus Slaves


In this article we'll only refer to Datapoints and Slaves configurations, leaving the configuration import for a later article.

Modbus Datapoints are configured in the same manner as KNX Addresses and KNX Datapoints. When option menu is selected, the Configuration View is shown with the complete list of Modbus Datapoints as selectable objects as you can see below.


The same happens with the Slaves configuration, so the same View is used as in the case of KNX Device configuration.



Beyond the Modbus elements configuration, configuration of Domorela elements as Scenes and Histories will include the complete list of KNX and Modbus elements as selectable objects for each configuration.





So is possible to include KNX and Modbus elements in the same Scene and define them, as well as Histories chose KNX and Modbus elements at the same time.






In the next article we'll talk about integration of Knx and Modbus elements in Domorela's Views.



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