Domorela's Blog: Operation Level Features: Diagnose Tool

Operators are allowed to perform diagnose tasks using the Bus Monitor tool included in Domorela. This tool can be used to capture telegram traffic between the devices of the smart building installation.

In order to be actived, Bus Monitor requires the Domorela unit operating in Connected Mode. A capture can be started pressing the Start Monitor button, then all the telegrams present in the Bus will be collected and shown.

Operation Level users may access any Group Address present in Domorela's configuration through the option in the left side Views Menu. In this view is possible to filter the shown addresses, listed as a left side menu, and click on them to show the Datapoints (Comm. Objs.) related to the selected address.



It's possible to pause the scrolling by pressing the Pause Monitor button and resume by pressing the Resume Monitor button, this allows revising the frames shown without loosing any frame collected. So, if there is so much traffic to properly handle collected telegrams, unseen frames collected while monitor is paused can be revised after another click over the Pause Monitor button.


Download button will be active while Bus Monitor is paused, allowing to save the frames collected from start until the last Pause Monitor activation. So you can perform a collection of telegrams while testing the installation in order to examine it off line.


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