Domorela's Blog: Virtual Lab with Domorela DMRL1: Datapoints configuration

As we said in our introductory article for this series, in our Virtual Lab with Domorela DMRL1 we configured operation level at Address level instead of the default operation level, the Datapoint level. By doing this we allow to configure Addresses to appear in the different Elements Views and to have actuator controls for Addresses, while the default in Domorela is to have controls for Datapoints only and to just include Datapoints as elements in Elements Views, because Domorela operates internally at Datapoint Level.

So, we want to remark here that Domorela is actually operating at Datapoint level. With the default operation level Domorela's WUI allows to include actuator controls in Address objects by changing another configuration parameter intended to allow to add controls to the Addresses configured as actuators only, thus allowing users to actuate over Datapoints and Addresses as they wish.

We chose to work at Address level in this Lab for two reasons: simplify things for the newcomers and demonstrate the different ways in which is possible to manage things with Domorela. 

To end this article, we want to explain that one of the main reasons why Domorela operates at Datapoint Level is to have a Device View in which all the Communication Objects (i.e. Datapoints) are shown to operators and administrators of the installation. This is very helpful to understand how things are working and locate problems using Domorela without the need to have the project documents or other admin tools at hand. 



So we did an extra work for this Lab by configuring Datapoints to have the above View in order to show how Domorela can help to the maintenance of the installation by means of Device View. Of course this view is only accessible to Operation Level and Administration Level users.

Datapoint configuration has the same View than Addresses configuration, so the mechanics are the same: Datapoints can be picked up from the complete list of Datapoints in the configuration, they can be filtered out by name and transferred to the selected objects list in order to apply them a contract: light, HVAC, etc.



In our next article we will explain how to test lighting in our Virtual Lab.



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