Domorela's Blog: introduction

In order to make reach as many people as possible the characteristics and functionalities of Domorela, We start this blog with the intention to publish weekly new articles with the hope that they will be of interest to many readers.

Each week a little article, no more than a minute reading, will be added to this blog showing how Domorela can be used to provide energy savings and comfort to the final users, how can be operated by maintenance personnel and how can be managed by administrators and system integrators.

We also will explain in a series of articles how to use Domorela in tech learning and training while using the emulation mode.

And last, but not least, we will discuss the security measures appropriate to offer maximum privacy in each type of environment.

At the same time an article is being published, a tweet will be published too with a link to the new article in this blog.

As our product is oriented to the professional use, we will publish this blog only in English language. We apologize for the inconveniences to non-speakers of English language.


Thanks for reading

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