Domorela's Blog: User Level Dashboard

Domorela's Web User Interface provides each user with his own Dashboard where she/he can add all the element widgets and graphs she/he want to have quick access to.

Below you can see the aspect of a Dashboard where four Address Widgets were added using the Dashboard's context menu shown in the image.

As is shown above, we selected to add a new Graph Widget, selecting it from a menu list like the one present in the Panel View, and the new aspect of the Dashboard is shown below.


There is possible to arrange the Widgets to better fit them depending of the window size. So users can adapt their Dashboard to the screen resolution of their device.


Also it's possible to hide the window of widgets that aren't being in use for a while, by clicking in the minimize icon that appears in the right part of the Widget window header. Hiding Widgets by minimizing them results in a faster rendering of the Dashboard, so users with a significant number of Widgets or with Graph Widgets in their Dashboard have the option, and are encouraged, to do so. If the user wants, she/he can delete an unused Widget by clicking on the close icon that also appears in the Widget window header.


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