Domorela's Blog: Administration Level Features: Starting & Stopping Domorela

Domorela is an ICT Platform of appliance type, i.e. its hardware and software where conceived as a whole in order to manage building automation systems in the same way as, for instance, a network equipment is conceived to perform dedicated communications tasks. But given its way to operate and its characteristics it should be handled as an ICT Server and cannot be handled as a pluggable appliance like a network switch that can be simply switched off at any moment without worrying about loosing data or damage the device.

Domorela is very easy to deploy, it can be plugged to operate by anyone of the customer staff or installator/integrator personnel working at customer facilities. The system and the application will start automatically, then it can be reached from the IP network by an administrator to setup the configuration via WUI.

On the other hand, administrators are the only users that can restart and stop the application and also shutdown the system. And the correct way to unplug Domorela is through the Shutdown menu option in the Administrator Menu. This is due to several reasons, being one of them the fact that a Domorela device is provided with a battery to avoid sudden cuts of power supply and simply unplugging Domorela from electrical supply doesn't result in a poweroff of the device.

The only way to start again the application after stopping it without shutting down a Domorela unit, or in the case an application restart fails, is through remote secure connection to the system that should only be done by qualified staff. It isn't recommended that not all administrators should have this kind of access to the device. We recommend that only qualified staff, preferably only from integrators, should have system access. So the recommended way to the rest of administrators in the face of any doubt is to restart application by doing a shutdown clicking on the proper option in the Administrator Menu and then starting again the Domorela device.




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