Domorela's Blog: Virtual Lab with Domorela DMRL1: Testing with WUI: Lights operation

In our first article about Virtual Lab testing, we will show how to test lighting Domorela's WUI. To do the different tests we will use Element's controls and also Scene controls to simulate different situations, as in the case of switching on lights in a meeting room when somebody enters or to perform a general switch off.

Thanks to the "receiving addresses" configured in ETS for light objects, we can do a lighting general switch off before leave the office.


And we also can switch on complimentary lighting when we are entering the office.


We can also use Domorela Scenes to simulate other actions when no "receiving addresses" are configured. As you can see in the below video, applying different scenes we can simulate how both lights in the CPD can be switched on or switched off depending of the movement sensor presence status value.


After the previous demonstration, we can say that Domorela Scenes can be used to add certain functionalities to installations in real environments. But our intention is beyond than substitute other automation devices in order to give advanced control, because we like decentralized control through distributed automatisms. So we designed Domorela to be used as a key component of the installation by collecting both environmental and usage data that will serve to achieve energy saving and preventive maintenance. We will talk with more deep about this in later articles, specially in those related to REST API


Our next article we will talk about testing HVAC operation with WUI.



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