Domorela's Blog: Administration Level Features: Configurations (III)

By reading this new article you will know how specific Domorela's configuration objects can be defined by administrators, also you can learn a bit how to deal with Application and System parameters.

As mentioned in previous articles, Domorela includes specific objects, Scenes and Histories, to help the users to better manage their installations. Scenes can be configured at Operation Level and also in the Administration Level, while Histories can be only configured in Administration Level. This is because a misuse of Histories could lead to performance issues and only the integrator staff, or qualified staff with administrator role in the end customer, should manage them.

As in the rest of configuration views, Histories can be defined by an intuitive Selection View. But administrators need to know that only accountable values can be defined as Histories. Thus, although every Address in the configuration will appear as selectable, only Integer and Real values will be processed by Domorela to make an History with them. So use the upper filtering box in the selectable objects box to search the apropriate objects.


The other type of configuration present in Domorela is related to Application and system parameters. As in any other embedded device, this kind of configurations should to be applied with sufficient, even extreme, careful.

In the first model of Domorela there are three groups of parameters that can be configured by administrators in a Domorela device, new models can include new Modules that will also be configured like the current one for KNX:

  1. application, interface and system parameters
  2. Domorela's Controller parameters
  3. KNX Module parameters




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