Domorela's Blog: Web User Interface

Domorela publishes a Web User Interface that can be accessed by any kind of device capable to browse the web, this is, with any compatible web browser installed. It is designed to allow concurrent access for three different level of users with access to different features depending of their level:

  1. user level brings access to basic features
  2. operator level brings access to basic and operation features
  3. administrator level brings access to all features


Domorela's User Interface provides following dashboard and views for basic features:

  1. user dashboard,
  2. elements views by type: lights, HVAC, shutters, security and multimedia,
  3. elements views by function: sensors, actuators and technical alarms,
  4. scenes views for acting and modifying control values,
  5. panels views for supervising and acting over controls,
  6. graph views to see historical data metrics.


Domorela's User Interface provides following dashboard, views and tools for operation features:

  1. operator dashboard,
  2. panels views to define new panels,
  3. admin view to define new scenes adding elements to them,
  4. graph controls to edit and define new graphs adding data to them,
  5. admin view to define new Histories related to data metrics,
  6. admin view to navigate through the whole installation tree,
  7. admin tool to diagnose network traffic from the Bus


Domorela's User Interface provides following dashboard, views and tools for administration features:

  1. administrator dashboard,
  2. admin tool to import ETS projects to the configuration,
  3. admin view to configure Domorela's parameters,
  4. admin view to manage Group Addresses,
  5. admin view to manage Datapoints,
  6. admin view to manage Devices,
  7. admin view to manage Locations,
  8. admin view to manage user passwords,
  9. Client Line Interface for advanced commands,
  10. admin tool to view the application log,
  11. menu options for restart and stop application,
  12. menu option to shutdown Domorela.


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