A new way to manage domotic and smart building installations

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Operation modes

Domorela was conceived to be compatible with multiple automation systems. To start with, a controller module has been implemented to manage KNX installations, that allows to be compatible with all products from all manufacturers that incorporate this standars (see list).

Domorela's architechture implements a protocol independant layer that can incorporate Points from different automation systems. This has two consequences: currently is able to emulate an installation and, in future models, can implement gateways between different domotic systems.

Thanks to this architechture, Domorela may work in two operation modes:

1.- connected mode, to manage an installation

2.- emulatiion mode, useful in demonstrations, project definition and for training purposes



Domorela is a professional gateway for automation management and, as a such, includes tools for installators and administrators, as well as for final users.

Both modes of operation of Domorela make work easier of both sales force and installators and automation systems integrators, as well for trainers and teachers in automation technologies.

The main capacities of Domorela in both modes of operation are:

1.- import configuration data from multiple projects

2.- stores and manage imported hierarchical data

3.- enriches imported data to make management easier

4.- gets and stores Series of quantifiable historical values

5.- includes creation, composition and scene saving

6.- allows to define multiple customizable panels

7.- allows to define multiple graphs with historical values

8.- sends authomatic updates to the connected clients

9.- includes diagnostic tools to check installations

10.- admits remote XML commands, received through a web REST service