Introducing Domorela______________________________________________

Domorela is a new tool for managing domotics installations (commercial and home) and building automation (smart building). It allows to monitor and act on the different devices present in an installation, storing in history series all the data adquired. All these functions lead, first of all, to energy saving and also to the comfort of the users.



Domorela is conceived from the perspective of professional staff in data network management, includes advanced functionalities for managers and basic ones for the users of the installation. Publishes a secure Web User Interface (SSL), accessible from any device that includes a compatible web browser: desktop PC, laptop PC, tablet, smart phone, smart TV, without the need to install an specific application.





Domorela is easily scalable and can be deployed as a single device with full capabilities inside a home installation to a big distributed installation in a building, through middle sized installations in offices, commerce and hotels.

Domorela doesn't need Internet connection to offer full capabilities, giving that way privacity to his users. In order to keep this privacity, Domorela allows access from any place to users, in a direct and secure way, e.g. without the need to be subscribed to a cloud service.